All you can eat

All you can eat

We offer ‘all you can eat’ every single day. Eat as much as your favourite sushi as you can! We offer a wide selection of Sushi & Starters for all ages.

You can order everything you wish and when you do our professional sushi chefs will be ready to create your order from scratch – everything’s fresh. This way we ensure our customers only get fresh and high-quality sushi every single time.

If you prefer food with a hint of perfection, then come by and experience elegance and leave with an experience richer.

We look forward to seeing you enjoy our delicious cuisine.

We are very eco-friendly and to avoid food waste, we strongly encourage our guests not to order more than what you can eat. If pieces are left we charge 15 DKK per piece.

Mon – Thursday: 289,-
Fri – Sunday: 299,-
Kids (0-10 years): 149,-

*Sticks may be added for 10 DKK/pcs, sashimi/gyoza may be added for 40 DKK/plate, sideorders and a select few starters are not part of the ‘all you can eat’ menu. Max 2 hours.