About us

About us

Sachi Sushi first opened their doors back in 2005, as one of the first sushi chains in inner Copenhagen. Since then, we have become a big family of 4 restaurants scattered across Zealand offering you a wide selection of premium sushi. Sachi sushi was proudly founded by Kunthea Chun.

Our mission is simple and clear, giving all of our guests an experience which they will never forget.

With more than 16 years of experience Sachi Sushi has delivered sushi and other delicious dishes from the Japanese kitchen. Today we can with pride say that our sushi offer a fresh, innovative and a delicious experience. We offer an experience of refined beauty that isn’t affected by time and deliver pieces of art to each of our guests. Quality is the essence of experience and here at Sachi sushi, quality is observed with each act of splicing, shaving and sprinkling to ensure the absolute best. The courses build on seasonal properties are utilized only in their freshest and most delicious state to ensure every dish, every sushi, every detail is only consisting of high quality Sachi Sushi is Wabi-Sabi.

We greet all our guests with open arms when they enter our restaurants as we priorities each and individual guest by giving them a personal and unique experience.

If you prefer food with a hint of perfection, then come by and experience elegance and leave with an experience richer